Abount Dianna

Cooking food, entertaining and making life’s small pleasures look as beautiful as possible are my passions. Sitting at a beautiful table setting and eating a meal prepared with love is pure joy. Holidays and celebrations with my family and friends mean gathering around our nine foot long table, sharing a meal family style,  and chatting away. Our feast may consist of several fancy courses or a simple family favorite of Angel Hair pasta, diced tomatoes and a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Growing up in an environment where presentation was everything - aesthetics, creativity, fabulous food and travel abounded. It was only natural to gravitate towards more of this as an adult. Experiencing unique serving styles and ingredients native to the countries I have visited have left a huge imprint on me.  

History & Future

Cooking and catering my way through art and business school was a way to be surrounded by beautiful and flavorful food. I have traveled throughout the world tasting and photographing food, always thinking of ways to utilize and share these experiences. I furthered my food knowledge via an apprenticeship program through the CCA in San Francisco and Viking Home Chef.

In 2001, with the hope that others would enjoy food and their time in the kitchen, I began teaching in-home cooking classes as well as at a local grammar school and at Viking Home Chef. In 2006, I partnered with, and later co-owned, Savory Affairs, catering and providing gourmet comfort food to others. As a fitness instructor at The Bar Method I have been able to promote the balance between nutrition and health to my clients and my beautiful daughters (who are convinced the only way to get food at our house is to cook from scratch. Packaged food is a rarity). The flavor and quality of cooking with pure, organic foods is unmatched and a gift to all, I feel.

I am excited to begin this new adventure of full service catering and event planning while maintaining my commitment to teaching culinary skills and fitness. I wish for everyone to be as fit and healthy as they can possibly be in order to fully enjoy the gifts that each day brings.

Dianna Davis-Condon

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